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Happy 100 Birthday!

Happy 100th Birthday, VTwug


Hindsight in the wake of cntrlsvcs compromiseMarc DeBonisDec 12, 2013pdf/hindsight_cntrlsrvcs.pdf
Pics from WUG 100 PartySteve WarrickNov 4, 2010
Dell Server Naming Convention Build SlideBrandt Whisenant, DellApr 2, 2009pdf/Dell Server Naming Convention Build Slide.pdf
Windows Vista Volume Activation 2.0 Step-by-Step GuideKevin Dean, MicrosoftDec 7, 2006pdf/Volume_Activation_2.0_Step-by-Step_Guide.pdf
The future of Windows HPC Server 2008Brian Hammond, MicrosoftOct 3, 2006pdf/VTshort-10-03-2008.pdf
Pics from Thawte Notary signing partySteve WarrickJan 5, 2006
MS WSS (Windows Storage Server) presentation and notesHank Farlow, MicrosoftOct 2, 2003zip/
Tripwire and Tripinator PreviewZeb BowdenAug 7, 2003pdf/tripwire_and_tripinator.pdf
Spam free, secure email for VT Exchange usersMarc DeBonisJun 5, 2003pdf/spamfreesecureemail.pdf
Windows 2003 New Features and FunctionsScott CassellMay 8, 2003pdf/2003_New_Features_and_Functions.pdf
Central Services DomainWilliam DoughertyMay 8, 2003pdf/VTNTUG0508.pdf
Meeting Maker migration slidesWilliam DoughertyApr 3, 2003pdf/vtNTugMM.pdf
Commodity parts terabyte fileserver - (Spring 2002 DCSS)Marc DeBonisMar 1, 2003pdf/chubtoad.pdf
IPSEC rulsets for VT (PID restricted)Siegfried 'Ziggy' HillDec 19, 2002 - Building the BazaarJim HallOct 24, 2002pdf/vt-ntug-2002a.pdf
Cheap and quick way to harden your passwordsMarc DeBonisJul 11, 2002pdf/cuecat.pdf
Synopsis, a centralized W2K event log monitorZeb BowdenJul 11, 2002pdf/synopsis.pdf
Using IPSEC policies to firewall your Windows 2000 ServerMike MoyerApr 7, 2002pdf/w2k_ipsec_firewall.pdf
Securing a Windows 2000 ServerAdel AlfahadAug 3, 2001pdf/Securing_a_Windows_2000_Server.pdf
PowerPoint presentationDellMar 1, 2001ppt/NTUsersGrp_030101.ppt

Book Reviews

Ubuntu Kung Fu Tips, Tricks, Hints, and HacksMay 13, 2008pdf/Ubuntu Kung Fu Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks.pdf
Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD SecurityJan 27, 2008pdf/freebsd_book_review.pdf
Time Management for System AdministratorsOct 15, 2007pdf/time_management.pdf
Beautiful CodeSep 7, 2007pdf/beautiful_code.pdf
Managining Projects with GNU MakeJul 5, 2007pdf/oreilly_make.pdf
Programming C#Feb 26, 2007pdf/oreilly_c_sharp.pdf
The TCP/IP GuideDec 4, 2006pdf/The_TCPIP_Guide_review.pdf
Learning PerlOct 24, 2006pdf/learning_perl.pdf
Ruby CookbookAug 23, 2006pdf/ruby_cookbook_review.pdf
Linux in a NutshellJul 11, 2006pdf/Linux_in_a_Nutshell.pdf
Visual Basic 2005 in a NutshellJun 2, 2006pdf/Visual_ Basic_2005_in_a_Nutshell.pdf
Classic Shell ScriptingMay 30, 2006pdf/Classic_Shell_Scripting.pdf
Understanding the Linux KernelApr 17, 2006pdf/oreilly_linuxkernel.pdf
Linux CookbookApr 4, 2006pdf/Linux_Cookbook-2.pdf
Linux Server Hacks, Volume 2Feb 26, 2006pdf/oreilly_linuxserverhacksv2.pdf
Understanding Linux Network InternalsFeb 26, 2006pdf/Linux_Network_Internals_Review.pdf
Test Driving Linux (from Windows to Linux in 60 Seconds)Jan 24, 2006pdf/test_driving_linux.pdf
Programming Windows Presentation FoundationJan 20, 2006pdf/WPF_Review.pdf
Security WarriorJan 17, 2006pdf/oreilly_securitywarrior.pdf
Programming Python, 2nd editionDec 7, 2005pdf/programming_python.pdf
Network Security ToolsOct 11, 2005pdf/Network_Security_Tools.pdf
Visual Basic 2005: A Developer's NotebookAug 4, 2005pdf/Visual_Basic_2005.pdf
Python Programming on win32May 17, 2005pdf/Python_Programming_on_win32.pdf
Network Security HacksNov 8, 2004pdf/Network_Security_Hacks.pdf

Next Meeting

April 7th, 2016
Location: Lakeview conference room
Address: 2200 Kraft Drive, Suite 2500
Blacksburg, VA  24061


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